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I've always wanted to own a bakery...and the rest is history

Marion's Pie Shop was established in 1947. Marion would sell homemade Chicken Pot Pies right from her own kitchen in Chatham. It was several years later that the bakery was built right next door to her home.

Over the years a large array of Fresh fruit Pies were added, as well as Savory Pies. Our journey began in 2003

where we continue to carry on the tradition of baking fresh daily all the Pies, Treats and Prepared Entree's that 

so many have come to Love. We added a Catering division in 2007 and we have had the pleasure of catering many pre and post nuptial brunches as well as many summer gatherings. From cocktail parties, plated dinners, to farewell brunches. We have built relationships with many of our customers and we are so grateful for each and every one of you. When you enjoy and Love what you do it makes it all worth while. We look forward to many more years ahead.

Thank You All

Go confidently in your dreams and live the life you imagined

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